Patrick's Story

Patrick has been diagnosed as being on the Autistic Spectrum. During his formative years, Patrick attended specialist educational centres. During the majority of his adulthood (27 years) Patrick has been working as a kitchen assistant at a famous fast food establishment.

Due to his learning difficulties he has not been encouraged to develop his career, ideas or pursue other interests. This has resulted in him feeling very discouraged, displaying signs of a lack of motivation and self-esteem.

He was referred to MMAS FOUNDATION in August 2019 for support to help him develop his skills and support him to source new employment.

    • He is currently volunteering as an assistant coordinator for a learning disability life skills group
    • He is being supported to develop his ideas and IT Skills via 1 on 1 weekly sessions
    • His goal is now to become a personal assistant running his own IT related business

Help us to help other people like Patrick to develop their skills toward becoming useful and independent members of the community.


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